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19 Types of Developers Explained

IMG_6039 19 Types of Developers Explained technology resume people interview hiring career

Reading Time: 6 minutesThe software development landscape changes constantly. New areas of specialization, technologies, and methodologies pop into existence every few months, forged by the relentless innovation of the software industry. With it, terms to describe specialized types of developers become part of the unofficial industry lingo and show up in job ads and…
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We Need Women in Tech

IMG_5700 We Need Women in Tech work environment women in tech wit technology involuntary bias gender bias diversity

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe realization that the world needs more women in tech A few years ago, I observed my daughter become interested in technology and coding. I bought her a , and she started learning Python. She also signed up for some Java development classes at DigiPen. She naturally gravitated toward programming because she wanted to work…
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