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9 Software Engineering Career Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

IMG_6090 9 Software Engineering Career Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs work environment teams leadership fallacies development process culture career bolbo advice

Reading Time: 7 minutesTaking risks and making mistakes is part of the learning path to greatness. Failing quickly and often is a hallmark of success. Nevertheless, aiming to avoid making the same mistake more than once should be somewhere high on your priority list. Personal experience is the most powerful way to learn….
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19 Types of Developers Explained

IMG_6039 19 Types of Developers Explained technology resume people interview hiring career

Reading Time: 6 minutesThe software development landscape changes constantly. New areas of specialization, technologies, and methodologies pop into existence every few months, forged by the relentless innovation of the software industry. With it, terms to describe specialized types of developers become part of the unofficial industry lingo and show up in job ads and…
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How Google Leadership Failed Women in Tech

IMG_6034 How Google Leadership Failed Women in Tech work environment women in tech teams people leadership diversity culture career

Reading Time: 4 minutesGoogle loves a good pedigree. James Damore, the developer at the center of the huge anti-diversity manifesto controversy that got him fired from Google, is an educated person with a solid academic pedigree. According to his LinkedIn profile, he holds a BS in Molecular Biology, Physics and Chemistry from the…
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The Human Dimension of Software Engineering

The software industry and the tech world are a wild ride, and the people side of any career in tech is as important as the raw technical skills. CoderHood is a Blog dedicated to the human dimension of software engineering.

The author, Lorenzo Pasqualis, is a software engineer with 30+ years of software development and leadership experience. The goal of this blog is to help and support all levels of software developers, software architects, engineering leaders, and engineering managers.

Lorenzo is an advocate for  Women in Tech and a believer that diversity in tech is not only good for humanity, but it is also good for business.