Charlottesville and a dark Doodle Tuesday

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A dark doodle for a dark moment.

Today’s Doodle Tuesday is dark. I drew it about a year ago, but it is appropriate after this long and tragic weekend. I spent it watching the news and tweets about the events in Charlottesville. I spent it looking at the photos and videos of the white-supremacists, neo-nazis, and KKK people who exploded in stupid, absurd and meaningless violence. I looked at their expressions, their eyes, their open mouths screaming vile words. I looked at them holding torches, like a twisted historical reenactment without any historical value.

It is pathetic, sad, and repulsive. While most people try hard to build a better world, those people try hard to take it down. They need to stop, go away, disappear back into whatever filthy hole they came from.

There is no space in society for such pointless and baseless hate. The internet will hold the memory of their names and faces forever. They will be haunted by their actions for the rest of their lives, and regardless of what the law might or might not be able to do to them, people will remember and will not let them get away with it.

13524441_10156990916745167_4438282034443857026_n Charlottesville and a dark Doodle Tuesday doodle art

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