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The story of Bolbo that I published on Wednesday received a ton of attention, and stroke a chord for many people. I received dozens of questions about him, his habits and lifestyle. In this post, I am going to answer some of them.

When does Bolbo go to bed?

Bolbo tries to go to sleep around 10 pm. That gives him about seven hours of sleep. Not enough to kick his caffeine habit, but sufficient to be productive the next day. Sometimes he becomes immersed in a project and forgets to look at the time. When that happens, he doesn’t go to bed until midnight or even one o’clock. That is when he knows he is going to have a rough day at work the next day.

I think it’s important for Bolbo to switch off for some time and get away from the code. Also when does Bolbo exercise? Or does some physical activity?

Bolbo tries to avoid anything that has to do with code during the weekend. Not because he is not tempted to code, but because he made a decision long ago that weekends are for other things. Life can’t be all about coding, right? (That is what he tells himself.)

He also takes time off every once in a while. He goes camping and fishing with his family. He tries to workout during his “do whatever I want” time after dinner, but most of the time his exercise is just taking a walk in the park near his house.

Bolbo used to be in some heavy-duty sports when he was younger, but after getting married exercising has been challenging. A combination of excuses, lack of time and lack of motivation get in the way of his physical activity.

Does Bolbo get hungry when he forgets to eat lunch?

Sometimes he does. However, eating is such a waste of a good hour to write code during a productive time of the day. Also, eating lunch makes Bolbo sleepy, so he just skips.

Does Bolbo have friends?

Some of his childhood friends live in a different state, so he doesn’t seem them often. Bolbo hates Facebook with a passion, but he keeps an account going only to remain in touch with them.

His local friends are mostly coworkers or ex-coworkers. He also has family friends that he occasionally sees during the weekends.

I find it quite sad… I can’t imagine Bolbo when he retires…

Bolbo will never retire. That’s what he tells everybody. Retirement doesn’t seem appealing to him because he can’t imagine sitting around the house doing nothing all day.

If he retired, he would continue working on personal coding projects. Since he always associated coding with building commercial software, he knows that “retirement” would simply be “running a business,” which is no retirement at all. So, he is just sincere and claims he won’t retire. Ever.

Moreover, Bolbo does not want to think about the possibility that health conditions might prevent him to work until he drops. He is in denial about the possibility.

Why is Bolbo snarky? Is he a nice guy?

There are three things that Bolbo hates with a passion: (1) Stupidity (2) Facebook and (3) Not remembering what the third thing is.

He reacts to stupidity with dry, cynical and witty humor. He can’t help it. That’s how his brain works and operates. Since Facebook, in his views, is a constant stream of useless information peppered with displays of stupidity, you can imagine why he is not a fan.

I’ll give you an example. One time he read a post from one of his acquaintances that said:

…for years my brother has been struggling with addition…

It took all his might to not reply: “Don’t worry, in middle school I used to struggle with division, but then I finally got it”. He had to un-friend the person to avoid succumbing to the temptation to publish his insensitive comment.

Bolbo is the nicest guy in the world if you are a logical and reasonable person. He could give his life for you. However, with people who act in illogical or dumb ways, he can be a jerk. Not in an openly aggressive way, but in a calm, humorous, snarky, cynical and dry way. By design, most of the time the recipients of his humor do not realize what’s going on.

I found myself in 80% of Bolbo. Still being pretty new to being a developer. I found that post so fitting and lovely that I shared it with my non-tech/non-dev girlfriend to explain my everyday life better.

That is awesome! I couldn’t be happier to know that the story resonated well enough to share with others to explain the coder’s lifestyle.

Are you Bolbo?

No, not entirely.

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