Monthly Archive: May 2017

Famous Quotes, and Other Logical Fallacies

IMG_5699 Famous Quotes, and Other Logical Fallacies quotes logic fallacies advice

Reading Time: 2 minutesLogical fallacies and their ugly heads Logical fallacies will show their ugly head in dialog during your career in tech, and life in general. Do not let that go! It will distort reality and introduce contradictions to supposedly logical arguments. People regularly repeat phrases and quotes as unquestionable truths, because some famous…
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An enemy lurking on your tech career path

design An enemy lurking on your tech career path leadership hiring advice

Reading Time: 5 minutesPassion is what drives engineers People land in the software engineering world for many reasons. Passion for technology is almost always on that list. Technology changes constantly, and coders have to learn new languages, frameworks, libraries, tools, and methodologies, consistently throughout their careers. The energy that pushed engineers to learn throughout…
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We Need Women in Tech

IMG_5700 We Need Women in Tech work environment women in tech wit technology involuntary bias gender bias diversity

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe realization that the world needs more women in tech A few years ago, I observed my daughter become interested in technology and coding. I bought her a , and she started learning Python. She also signed up for some Java development classes at DigiPen. She naturally gravitated toward programming because she wanted to work…
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