16 Best Source Code Gems [Collection]

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Developer’s personalities shine in odd ways. One them is in a (sometimes) subtle sense of humor, choice of words and attitude that you can find in code, code comments, and error messages. It often feels like a stream of consciousness that reflects the human reality of a moment in time.

I collect those gems and here I am sharing with you some of my favorites. Some I found myself in the code I worked with. Others, I collected from various sources. All have been stripped of anything that could be considered IP.

1 – Wild Compiler.

2 – If You Get Here.

3 – Classic, Useless Documentation.

4 – Whatever You Do, I Can Do Better.

5 – Don’t Even Try.

6 – Feeling Sick.

7 – CUI (Coding Under the Influence).

8 – No Comment

9 – Sincerely

10 – Random Number

11 – So Long

Not code, but still really funny.

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12 – Human Needs

This is taken from the Apple Chess Engine code.

13 – Textbook Comment

14 – Expiring Code

15 – “Temporary” Code

16 – Family Issues





  1. Bob Monsour

    Great stuff!

    1. Lorenzo Pasqualis (Post author)

      Thank you!!


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